Data Care Vs RunPod
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Data Care
Regular Pricing
< $0.30
Starting at $0.39
Serverless Pricing
Same as Regular
Higher than Regular
DevOps Support
Cloud Migration Support
Training Clusters
Guaranteed GPU availability
Private Registry
Helm Chart containers
Storage Type
Longhorn Block Storage
Disk Storage
How Does Data Care Stand Out
Our Kubernetes platform specializes in efficiently managing multi-container applications, offering robust solutions for handling heavy traffic. With auto-scaling serverless features, we ensure effective management of web traffic and load balancing, providing seamless scalability to meet dynamic demands.
We provide extensive DevOps support, helping you deploy your applications onto our platform and offering expertise in seamlessly migrating workloads from any other cloud provider to ours.
We offer you flexible infrastructure, where you can customize workloads using privileged containers for seamless operations. Our deployment process through Helm ensures smooth management of applications, while our local registry allows you to store custom-made images, reducing the need for repetitive pulls and enhancing overall operational efficiency.
Our competitive pricing stands out from other cloud providers with excellent value for your money. With flexible plans, including monthly, three-month, and six-month, we ensure you're not locked into long-term contracts, giving you the freedom to scale and adjust as needed.
1800 Airport Road, Price UT 84501.
Phone: +1 (801) 901-0204