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Bare Metal Kubernetes

Our infrastructure is built on BareMetal Kubernetes. You get all the power of Kubernetes without unnecessary overhead of hypervisors for best performance.


Scaling can be achieved for burst use cases easily. Don't pay extra money for serverless functionality. Talk to us and we will customize the serverless for your use case.

Redundant NVME Block storage

Our clusters come with NVME storage presented as EBS volumes with redundancy to your workloads.

Powerful GPUs

We provide NVIDIA A4000 and A6000 GPUs with our clusters.

DevOps Support

From migration to customization, you have DevOps support from our team of Kubernetes Experts.

Private Container Registry

Container Registry

You can store your containers on a private repository on our on-prem registry. With 2 clicks you can sync up with any public registry without hassles.

Helm Charts

You can use powerful Helm charts from Artifcact Hub or create your own. Stay tuned to our blog on Helm chart creation.

Dedicated clusters

We typically provide each customer with their own namespace and plenty of bursting capability. But if your use case requires a dedicated cluster, we can provide that too. Just ask us.

Team Management

We provide full access to team management. Resource allocation is based on team management

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